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Work in Progress: 6th October


Roadworks TriangleNormal service has been resumed!

Our thanks to Roger Bye for this weeks report.

After a couple of Thursdays preparing for, and then clearing up after the Gala, the multi-talented Thursday Gang tackled a range of maintenance jobs, while trains ran in the glorious autumn Devon sunshine.

1. Fireman Andy Foster and Guard Bob Ayres discussed the day’s timetable while preparing the train...

2...for the first passengers of the day.

3. In the “authentic” 1898 Gents toilet, serious plumbing work was being undertaken by Dave Evans and Julian Palmer.

4. In the paint shop, Jim Pounds and Barry Cann began the winter schedule of maintenance of the heritage carriages.

5. In the shed, John Uphill was modifying the original fuel cap and filler pipe fitted to Pilton ready for installing in the new fuel tank now located behind the cab.

6. Against a magnificent background, the track gang set about replacing some sleepers in the head shunt..

7..and later give Roger and Ali a hand with building up cinder paths in the sidings using ash accumulated over the last few weeks.

8, 9, & 10 Julian and Lindsay Palmer completing the repaint of the General Manager’s portakabin.

11. After lunch Dave, Dave, Peter, Mike, Roger and Don turned their attention to replacing more sleepers down the line.  Here they stand aside for an afternoon departure from Woody Bay.

12. Working on the line in a range of weather does give good photo opportunities...

13...of the crew of the passing trains (always ready to pose!)...

14...of the trains...

15 ...or just of the glorious views across the North Devon countryside and the Bristol Channel.

Words and photos: Roger Bye

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