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Work in Progress: 7th December


Roadworks TriangleHeavy and Light Work Today - and some in between!

This week's report comes from Roger Bye.

The heavy work started under forbidding skies, a legacy of very wet overnight weather. A delivery of sleepers had arrived. These will be used to re-lay the tracks outside the engine shed and also to progress the replacement program down the line.

1, 2, 3. The sleepers were transferred from the delivery lorry to the well-wagon which was incorporated into a works train...

4, 5, 6. ...which first called at the shed, and then down the line, stopping to off-load sleepers where replacements were required, ending up at Killington Lane.

7, 8, 9. Dave Bloomfield was on "light" duties today... installing a LED element in the recently installed lantern to replicate the effect of the old oil burning station lights.

The two electrical Daves were also on other "light" work today....

10. installing additional lamps in the ends of the paint shop.......

11. improve the illumination of the carriage ends. Jim and Barrie will now have to find other reasons for missing any areas when painting the coach ends!

12, 13, 14, 15. Other work going on today between the heavy and light work, was the finishing of the wood store. Lighting-up wood can now be kept dry and tidy.

16, 17. Jim Pounds (left) and Barrie Cann continued the carriage painting both inside and out.

18, 19. Peter was busy translating the drawing of shafts for disc signals into reality.

20, With AXE and LYN both out of the shed.....

21. Dave Hallett cleaning out LYN's smokebox. With an unseen Ali Burgess, LYN was then given a boiler washout. The less glamorous side of operating steam engines!

22. Don and Malcolm dealt with some potholes in the car park... preparation of this weekends Santa Special visitors.

Words and pictures by Roger Bye

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