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Work in Progress: 7th June


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With Nigel Thompson away on holiday, Graham Bendell and Roger Bye have sent in this selection of photos:

A fine day for working outside, warm but not too hot. The Thursday Gang was slightly depleted by members taking holidays but nevertheless, a fair amount was achieved.

AXE is now certified for a further 12 months of operation, and work continues on ISAAC which should be back in service in time for the main summer season.

Part of the Gang went to Rowley Farm to continue the fencing work, started by the 24th May working party.

This was a good opportunity to have a more detailed look at this recently purchased trackbed and the different views this opens up.

Around the station:

1. Jim, of “The Paint Shop Boys” carries out some touching-in work on Carriage No. 16, which was not in service today.

2. In the Paintshop, Barrie (the other half of the duo) paints ISAAC’s sandbox, while Jim paints the cab roof.

3. Ali was on signaling duties as AXE is about to run-round.

Rowley Barton Trackbed:

4. The fence line running down the boundary of the first embankment on our recently purchased section of trackbed. Working on the slope proved to very demanding.

5. Jonathan directs the auger.

6. The auger in action, proving once again, what an invaluable acquisition it is. It meant the job would be completed by close of play in this case.


7. Dave, Nick, and Don set a post, as Roger approaches. & 8. Nick and Tim set up another post. Vertical alignment was proving difficult until ...

9. ... we acquired a plumb bob – actually a boot lace with a nut tied on the end. (Not saying which end!). Dave demonstrates.

10. The system is working well now ...

11. ... provided the holes are dug deep enough!


12. & 13. Making real progress. The new fence line is set 20’ outside the existing one to allow better access once the track has been laid.

14. The fencing gang with the posts curving away behind them ready to be "wired up".

Trackbed photos:

15. Looking towards Blackmoor and the smaller embankment.

16. Turning through 180 degrees the trackbed curves away into a shallow cutting. The posts were laid out by the previous working party. The wooden pegs show the proposed fence line.

17. The view from the trackbed looking towards Trentishoe.

18. Further along the line towards Lynton - Rowley Barton Farm in the foreground, with Martinhoe in the far distance.

19. Looking towards Blackmoor. Behind the camera is the second embankment on this section - one of the highest on the line. It is almost impossible to convey the actual height, but let's say from the top it looks a very, very long way down to the bottom.

20. The top of the embankment. This is one of the sections where the ground water level in the embankment is regularly being checked.

21. The remains of a permanent way hut at the Lynton end of the embankment.

22. The new section enters a rock cutting where part of it has been filled in to provide access to a property. It is intended to install a bridge at this location.

Another Thursday of progress in good company. That is what volunteering on the L&B is all about.


Words and photos: Graham Bendell (1–3 by Roger Bye)

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