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Work in Progress: 7th March


Roadworks TriangleThe season has begun, already?

Another weekly report from Nigel Thompson.

"Trains are now operating at Woody Bay for 5 days a week for all of March. Work was carried out at Woody Bay and also at Chelfham where the Signal Cabin was relocated.

The main Thursday track gang were busy down the line with sleeper renewals and more jacking and packing in between the passenger trains. The paint shop boys having finished Carriage No.17 and awaiting their next project, completed a clean up and tidy of the Paint Shop itself."

1. LYN with 3 carriages departs Woody Bay.

2. With passenger operations now underway, the works train is stabled out of the way in the headshunt siding.

3. LYN's footplate crew today is Graham's ( Bridge and Varney).

4. Bob Ayres is today's Guard. As it was very windy and cold today, especially at Killington Lane, Bob is suitably dressed!

5. Regular visitor and Trust member Chris Fowler enjoying a quiet snack in the Tea-Rooms.

6. Dave Evans and Jim Price busy fixing a new lock to the Station Booking Office door.

7. As usual there was a variety of outside tasks underway. One dirty but necessary occasional job was to scoop out the spent loco ash from the ash pit. Graham Rust and Dave Pratt completed this task today.

In the morning a gang assembled at Chelfham. The partially restored original signal cabin had been readied for this a move back to its original location.

8. The exact position of the signal cabin next to the station building has already been surveyed., an area dug out and the floor concreted.Concrete blocks were then laid to the correct height.

9. The cabin was partially restored in 2015, and has since been stored nearby. Wooden joists were temporarily fitted to facilitate the movement.

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15. The large gang carefully lift, and move the cabin across onto its original position adjacent to the building. (Photos by Barrie Cann).

16. Chelfham signal cabin is now on it's concrete base adjacent to the building.

Further restoration will be carried out this year with new side panels, new full height front door. Also, new rear doors (the same as those at Woody Bay) to allow access to the lever frame once this has been installed at some future date.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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