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Work in Progress: 7th September


Roadworks TriangleLocomotives Galore!

This week's report comes from Nigel Thompson:

With the L&BR's new-build Baldwin LYN expected soon (well, in time for the Autumn Gala, 30th Sept - 1st Oct.), today's report highlights the other locomotives in our current fleet...

1. Back in the paint shop for a polish and final touch up, Drewry diesel PILTON is worked on by Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann.

2. In the workshop, the milling machine is grooving out the notches in another locking bar mechanism. Several have now been made by engineer Peter Wainwright for the interlocking of a future signalling scheme for the extended railway.

3. Today's short straw was drawn by Dave Hallett, who took on the dirty job of high-pressure hosing the inspection pit inside the shed.

4. This is Hunslet Diesel D6652, which has been in store for a while behind the shed pending gearbox repairs. Today, with the high-pressure hose available it was time for a clean-up ...

5. ... then a chance for Jim and Barrie to assess how much more repainting will be required when D6652 is returned to service.

6. Also awaiting its turn in the paint shop is Hunslet Diesel HEDDON HALL. This is the usually unseen undercoat grey 'Welsh' side.

7. Locos outside the shed with Bagnall 0-4-2T ISAAC centre..

8. ISAAC is 'off duty' today for some light repairs by the engineers...

9. ... so today's train of three heritage carriages is tasked to AXE (Kerr-Stuart 0-6-0T)

10. A morning shunt move unusually required a departure from the down platform. AXE awaits with the 11:30 departure.

11. Our Train Crew today. Driver Graham Varney and Fireman Andy Foster patiently waiting for departure-time.

Caption Contest!

1. The result of too many cheese and onion sandwiches?
2. Have the twins fallen out?
3. Grumpy and Sleepy wondering where Dopey has gone?

12. The Thursday track gang spent the day at Killington Lane doing a big tidy-up and clearing weeds from the siding. The completed tidy view from the platform end.

13. Roger Bye gives a friendly wave.

14. Evidence that the track gang did rest at times during their work at Killington Lane

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson except for 11. Judy Williams words, photo. 12. Roger Bye. 13, and 14 Andy Foster.

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