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Work in Progress: 8th February


Roadworks TriangleThe green, green grass of Exmoor!

This weeks report is provided by Roger Bye.

Visitors to Devon often remark on the green lush landscape. The reason for this - plenty of rain - was very much in evidence today at Woody Bay.

1. However this did not deter the stalwarts of the Thursday Gang who after preparing a works train...

2. move sleepers, generators and equipment down the line...

3, 4, 5 tackle the vertical re-alignment of part of the track. A "hump" had developed in the track and whereas raising track is relatively easy, lowering it requires more drastic action. Sleepers were removed, cant and gauge checked and sleepers packed to the correct height.

6. Back at Woody Bay Keith and Dave reinstalled the warning notice board which had been moved in order to locate the new signal. They also started to dig the hole required for the concrete horse that will carry the pulley which is part of the operating mechanism for the new signal.

7, 8. Terry and Nigel continued their work painting the station benches.

9, 10. In the shed, Barrie and Jim were replacing door handles as the final stage of the seemingly infinite winter carriage maintenance project!

11. We are all very pleased to see Graham getting back into action after his recent serious illness.

12. 13. There was plenty of action in the workshop today with John completing another valve eccentric for ISAAC...

14. ..while Peter was machining a "signal slidey thing"...

15.... later identified as as a "signal detection slide pulley"!

16. Catering Manager Judy was busy preparing the kitchen to provide for visitors next week, but managed to put in a bit of vegetation pruning near the kitchen garden raised beds.

17. As the rain and cloud closed in on Woody Bay (notice the lack of view beyond the signal), Jim admired James' brass-polishing of handles and fixtures, making our unique carriages look their best for the forthcoming Half-Term operating week.

Words and Photos Roger Bye.

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