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Work in Progress: 8th March


Roadworks TriangleAfter the snow ... and good news!

The very heavy snow in South West England last week severely disrupted travel. Lynton was cut off for a few days and consequently no one made it to Woody Bay so there was no WIP report

Almost back to normality today.

After Tuesday's excellent news of the Exmoor National Park Planning Committee granting the L&BR planning permission for our extension plans, today's volunteers were all in high spirits despite the still cold wind blowing across Exmoor.

1. Trains were running today as AXE departs with the train full of the Shearings coach party visitors.

2. The Thursday gang today were tasked with digging a shallow trench along the back of the down platform.

3. Hand digging the trench for a pipe to provide a water supply here for carriage cleaning etc.


4. 5. 6. Our contractors were able to resume construction of the inspection pit. Block laying around the walls was well advanced this morning.

7. These are the long steel girders which will support the rail over the pit.

8. Paint shop boys Jim and Barrie painting more red oxide primer onto these sections of ISAAC's boiler cladding.

9. Also painting today was Terry Masterson in the marquee gradually completing the platform bench seat collection.

10. Above the stable, Dave Bloomfield and Dave Evans replace a PIR security spotlight.

11. The Shearings coach party visitors enjoy all the goings on at Woody Bay.

12. Visitors amble along the up platform after their train ride. We are of course one of the few attractions open in the area at present.

13. Tuesday's great news from Exmoor National Park was well received by everyone at Woody Bay. Guard Bob Ayres and Dave Drayson re-check the extension plans route map of the proposed reinstatement on display on the side of the stable on the up platform.

Words and Photos Nigel Thompson.

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