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Work in Progress: 9th August


Roadworks TriangleLooking good!

We are now in the peak season and the weather is slighly cooler, locomotive LYN and all four carriages are in use every day and visitor numbers are good.  The volunteers at Woody Bay are as busy as ever operating, maintaining and improving the railway.

1. Dave Pratt found it a quick job to move something using the newly restored sack barrow truck. Dave returns the truck to the platform alongside LYN.

2. Graham Bridge is LYN's driver today with Dave Hallett firing.

3. Guard today is Bob Ayres.....

4. .....assisted by Jim Price who reminds himself over the extension plans with the 'Proposed Reinstatement' map displayed on the stable.

5. Stacking away the cut-up sections of pallets were Graham Rust, Dave Pratt and visiting volunteers father and son, Don and John Pettegree from Hampshire.

In the shed the Paint Shop Boys make progress with the Brake Van:

6. Barrie Cann paints primer/sealant onto repaired sections.

7. Geoff Long prepares from some sanding down....

8. .....whilst Jim Pounds applies more filler to another repaired area of this wooden-bodied ex MOD Brake Van.

9. in the workshop, this is a newly machined signal arm pivot rod which has just made in the lathe by Peter Wainwright.

10. Someone has to do it! Ali Burgess has a go at shovelling out the waste ash from the ash pit outside the shed.

11. A view from the top woods showing the locomotives and visitors during this busy day.

12. & 13. Views of the miniature railway operating again today with Claire Jeans driving LITTLE OLLIE.

14. The upper lawn by the miniature railway was today's location for the volunteers afternoon tea and cake break.

Meanwhile at the other end of the line.

15. Taking advantage of the dry weather, Tim and Anne applied wood preservative to the shelter at Killington Lane.

16. Hopefully, while doing the same to the fence at the back of the platform, Peter had time to appreciate the view across to Wales.

17. While LYN prepares to depart from Killington Lane with an afternoon train, Chris, Nick, Steve and Kevin stand back before...

18. ...resuming the jacking and packing of the points at the station throat, surrounded by the tools of their trade.

19. And a view of LYN and our heritage train, under the care of Graham, Dave and Bob, heading back to Woody Bay with an enthusiastic young visitor enjoying the view from the 1st Class Observation compartment.

Words, and photos 1-14 Nigel Thompson. Photos 15-19 Roger Bye

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