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Work in Progress: 9th November


Roadworks TriangleWinter Timetable - winter weather!

This week's report comes from Roger Bye.

1. Under a leaden sky a couple of Thursday Gang members gather equipment together and ....

2....load up a works train in preparation for work on points at Killington Lane...

3. & 4. ...where some loose bolts in the point frog were cut out and new studding, nuts and washers fitted.

5. Back in the shed at Woody Bay, three of the Gang are clearly enjoying their work.

6. In the paint shop Dave and Barrie discussed the coach renovation work required.

7. Outside of the shed, Keith Lamprey and Ryan started work to improve the engine wood store.

8. and John and Graham tidy up the area behind the shed.

9. Back inside the shed Peter and John were commissioning the newer lathe now installed in the workshop which will enhance their capability to make and renovate components for locomotives, rolling stock and equipment.

10. & 11. Under Dave's guidance, Roger, Graham, Dave and Dave (yes - 3 Daves on the same job - bit of a communication problem!) renovated the kitchen rear door step and installed a drain to try and prevent flooding and rotting of the timber doorway.

12. & 13. Towards the end of the day, when the more senior members of the Thursday workforce were beginning to fade, the two youngest members worked on!  Ali Burgess lubricating points and Ryan barrowing cinders down to the woodland paths.

14. The end of a gloomy winter day was brightened up by the high polish Dave Hallett was achieving on AXE, in preparation for the Remembrance Weekend Events.

Words and photos by Roger Bye, apart from 3 &4 which are by Dave Robinson

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