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Work in Progress - Sunday 30th November

A gang of over 20 volunteers turned up to continue the land clearance at Parracombe, with many from the Isle of Wight Railway, the Talyllyn Railway and the L&B Dorset Group joining local members.

Again the weather was excellent, and the bonfires burned well. Today's efforts concentrated on the Cricket Field Lane end, with many small trees felled, cut up and burnt. The scrub was cut down with a bush cutter/strimmer.  After lunch (a welcome hot home-made soup and cake back at Woody Bay provided for all the volunteers working today), more small trees along the cutting were removed and added to the bonfires. By dusk the whole length of trackbed was visible between the bonfires and piles of logs. One member here today actually worked on the original preliminary clearance of this cutting shortly after the line was purchased by the L&BR Association in the early 1980s. He hoped it would now not be too long now before he could help with the track laying here at Cricket Field Lane..........

It was a very successful weekend and thanks to all who attended. Not forgetting the train crew, shop and catering staff at Woody Bay, as trains were running and they all ensured that the steady financial income was maintained at this quiet time of year.

The next major working weekend will be 24 & 25 January 2009 where the main effort will be installing the new turnouts and remodelling the track layout at the Lynton end of Woody Bay station. All welcome...... 

  Photos courtesy of Dave Tooke (6a-d, 11) and Nigel Thompson. 

1. Yesterday's fires still smoulder as work restarts near Parracombe Lane

2. Cutting down trees in the cutting

3. Clearing felled trees in the cutting

4. Tea is served at Cricket Field Lane

5. Talyllyn, Isle of Wight and L&B Dorset & Devon volunteers take a break.

6a.Our land at Cricket Field Lane, this morning, before work ...

6b. ... during work ...

6c. ...with the end in sight ...

  6d. ... and completed, in afternoon sunshine.

7. The same bonfire, showing the line of original fence posts

8. Clearing the trackbed in the cutting

9. Looking down into the cutting, bonfires burning well

10. Frank Daff enjoys his own bonfire in the cutting by Parracombe Lane


 Dave Took says:


 "Many thanks to all who helped, great weekend."

  11. The sun goes down on a busy, successful day

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