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Work in Progress: Thursday 16th January


Roadworks TriangleRain, rain, rain and turnout change!

This week sees the welcome return to Woody Bay of Nigel Thompson - but only on light duties after his recent appendix operation.

Good to have you back Nigel.

Despite the heavy rain, the track gang continued to finish off securing the pit-road turnout sections to the new sleepers laid last week.

1. 2. & 3. It's all orange coats, and leggings as the rain persisted. In the morning, the gang begin to drill holes and screw the new bolts to secure the plates to the sleepers.

4. Chris Shields and Keith Lamprey dig out ballast from the dumpy bags for packing beneath the sleepers.

5. The yellow spirit level ensures that the track is laid level at this point.

6. The sleepers required barring-up to enable holes to drilled prior to fixing.

7. Work progresses well. It was 10 years ago that this turnout was originally upgraded when the track layout into the shed was remodelled. Back then the railway could not afford to install new hardwood Jarrah sleepers. This time Jarrah sleepers have been used throughout.

8. By close of play the turnout has been completed with all sleepers packed with ballast underneath. next week the ballast will be dropped in between the sleepers and the foot crossing reinstated.

9. Meanwhile the trio of Daves continued to fit out the interior of the GM's office in the portakabin.

With Carriage No. 5 now complete, the Paint Shop Boys have moved onto Carriage No.11.

10. Phil Dixon begins removing door fittings prior to repairs being undertaken.

11. Inside one of the compartments, Geoff Long, Barrie Cann and Jim Pounds discuss how this vent cover surround coudl be made to fit better and disguise any visible joins.

This is the first time that The Paint Shop Boys have had a chance to look closely at Carriage No. 11 and no doubt they shall produce some excellent repairs and the quality repaint in time for the Spring Gala in May.

12. Sensibly keeping dry inside Woody Bay Booking Office and Shop were Anne Belsey, Dave Tooke and Dexter Dave's dog.

Anne has been stocktaking all this month, whilst Dave has been commissioning a new EPOS till replacing the one used for teh past 10 years.

Meanwhile Nigel (your reporter), found an easy but essential job - tidily storing away surplus Christmas items and beginning the annual consolidation of the second-hand books offered for sale throughout the coming season.

Although the railway will continue to welcome and accept book collections for resale, please can I take this opportunity to ask that magazine collections are not brought to Woody Bay as we really have no space to store or display them. Sorry!

Text and photos by Nigel Thompson

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