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Work in Progress: Thursday 9th January

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Roadworks TriangleTypical weather for this time of year!

Roger Bye once again steps in to send us this report of another damp Thursday at Woody Bay Station. He comments "I was working quite a lot today and it was tricky to break off and take pictures, especially as it meant removing waterproof gloves and rummaging under layers of protective clothing to find the camera!"

1. The weather at Woody Bay this Thursday was poor....and got worse!

2.  The works train, a stack of new sleepers and dumpy bags of ballast on the platform were evidence of work carried out earlier in the week in preparation for the planned point sleeper replacement.

3. Fishplates were unbolted and clips removed to allow for removal of the rails, which were laid to one side.

4. Sections of the point assembly were removed, the old sleepers lifted and stacked on the well-wagon and the old ballast scraped off and loaded into a DZ wagon.

5. A layer of new ballast was placed on the trackbed and the new sleepers put in place – heavy work!

6. & 7. Oil caked ballast, cinders and coal dust had built up over the years between the check and running rails and also in the frogs of the points. This was  laboriously chipped out by hand.

8. The old sleepers were then removed to Killington Lane.

9. With the rain going from bad to worse, sleepers were placed in position, rails and point sections replaced, fishplates and track screws fitted and screwed down.

10. As the light failed (this was 3pm!) and the rain continued unabated, a rather wet team headed for home after a hard but successful day’s work. Next week’s job will be to reinstate the rest of the crossover.

11. & 12. Another very wet and dirty job undertaken by Dave today was the pressure washing of Charles Wytock’s frames and bogie wheels - the start of the refurbishment of this loco.

13. Working in the dry (how sensible), Dave completed the office partition and fitted the door while Dave (yes, yet another one) completed the electrical installation work in the GM's portakabin.

14. 15. & 16, And finally....again in the dry...all four of the Paintshop Boys were engaged in putting (what they hoped are) the final touches to Carriage No.5 which they have been working on now for several weeks.

Text and photos by Roger Bye

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