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Working Weekend January 2019 Day 3 PHOTOS

January Winter Working Weekend

There were 3 tasks scheduled for the weekend.

Clearance of the embankment/cutting forming part of the Parracombe picnic site to allow survey work to progress.

Completion of unfinished clearance following the work at Lower Rowley Embankment.

Track alignment work at Woody Bay.

This is the third batch of photos from James Bloomfield - taken on Sunday below Rowley Moor Farm.

In this area there are two banks, with a shallow cutting in between. Note that Rowley Moor Farm does not appear on this map.

1. & 2. At the small bank, immediately below Rowley Moor Farm, Dave Bloomfield, Keith Lamprey and Anne Belsey attempt to find the culvert which has so far not been located despite recent excavations. However, water flowed away reasonably quickly, so at least it is working - even though it has yet to be found.

3. The same view in November 2017 - this shows how much silt and debris has been removed.

4. & 5. A short distance along, Peter Snashall and Jerry Oakey are enlightened by Chris Duffell about the even more impressive excavations required to reveal the culvert through the big embankment.

6. The small culvert is towards the centre of this picture. Water now drains freely, allowing the embankment to dry out.

7. & 8. The top of the embankment today and as it was in November 2017.

9. The site of the Platelayers' Hut indicated on the map.

10. 11. & 12. The main task was clearing away vegetation from the cutting which runs between the two embankments.

13. The view (from a carriage window) looking towards the Bristol Channel - Rowley Barton Farm is in the foreground.

14. The sun shone in the afternoon on this very windy day. Most of the trees were cleared. Note teh lonely fence-post.

15. A general view looking towards Blackmoor with evidence of bonfires in the distance.

16. The last train to Lynton passes through the weekend-work site. The two locos are just on the big embankment.

17. We all had an enjoyable weekend and so did 'Blue' the dog. See you all in March!

Photos and text, James Bloomfield

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