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Working Weekend March 2019 - New photos UPDATED!

Pete Snashall, Trustee and Volunteer Liason Director has sent over this selection of photos from several of the work sites.

Pete also added:

A huge and heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this winter's programme of working weekends.

Over 30 people turned out to take part on each day of our March weekend and the work undertaken will not only allow very wet areas to begin to dry out, but also allow access for boundary fencing work and further drainage work if required.

As we acquire more land this generates an increasing requirement for aintenance and management of these sites. Furthermore, our civil engineers are keen to gain access where they can to allow surveys and design work to be conducted.

To this end and as some of you that attended the last working weekend already know we are considering adding and extra weekend this September. More details as and when we can confirm.

With best regards

Pete Snashall

1. On Saturday a slit trench was cut at Bridge 54 to determine the depth of the foundations and also to find the 12" water main that runs below the bridle path at this location.

2. Still digging!

3. Success!

Above photos by Steve Walker

Whilst at Holwell Wood

4. New volunteer Ian Keen, looking up the 1 in 50 towards Rowley.

And at Rowley Cross picnic area.

5. Clearance work and hedge-laying was taking place.

6. All now looking a lot tidier.

At Rowley Barton the fires have been lit.

7. Looking towards Parracombe - actually down-grade.

8. The view towards Heddons Mouth. Is it possible to get a signal here?

9. The view looking out towards Rowley Barton Farm.

10. Almost at the end of the cutting.

11. Same location but looking back towards Blackmoor Gate.

12. Imagining trains running here.

13.14. & 15. More views of the bank.

16. At the railway land boundary.

And on Sunday

17. The back of Blackmoor Gate public car park.

18. Not exactly the driest of places.

19. Lunch with Hollacombe Farm in the background.

20. And finally: looking North with the small embankment behind Rowley Moor Farm in the foreground.


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