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Latest from Fridaywood Farm - September 2018

Tony Ely has sent us an update from Fridaywood Farm.

It has been a slow process as this carriage is another new type and as usual nothing to go on so it's learn as you go. All the units are together but we are still working on them before they are fitted to the sole bars ready for the underframe. We are about 60% finished - but there is still a lot of work to do.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

1. End panels in first coat of Indian Red gloss.

2. Side panels in first coat of Indian Red gloss.

3. Waist panels second coat of white gloss.

4. Steve Arthurs and Richard Wadeson sanding doors

5. Step irons being fitted to "Lynton end" of the carriage.

6. First class roof ribs in white undercoat.

7. A panel for the mirror and pictures - First Class only!

8. Doors awaiting painting.

9. General layout of work area.  (on the left is the 1st/3rd sides, on the right is the 1st/1st sides.  Standing at the back are the 3rd/3rd sides.  At the very back are the 1st class doors.

10. End side frame with panels fitted.

11. The centre frame of the carriage with the panels fitted. This comprises the two First Class compartments windows.

12. In the foreground, the "Lynton end" made up. The white marks show where the screw holes have been filled, sanded and primed.

13. David Gandell (left) and Steve Arthurs assembling wall panels.

14, A third class section complete with seats fixed with Steve and David sitting on them.

15. Lynton end made up complete with seat. Trust Chairman Peter Miles sitting. Standing left to right are Steve Arthurs, David Gandell and David Ely.

16. Lincrusta ready for gluing to base panels.  These go above the mirrors in the First Class compartments.

17. Richard Bullock painting hinge flaps.

18. A selection of doors in grey primer with hinges already fitted.

19. Swallows having a rest after flying lessons!

Words and photos Tony Ely


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