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Somerset and Bristol Area Group AGM

A summary of the Minutes of the first AGM of the L&B Somerset and Bristol Area (SABA) Support Group 6th January 1014 - held at the EMI Sports and Social Club Wells

Agenda Items 1 – 3, Committee Elections

  1. Mark Bladwell was elected unanimously as Chairman.
  2. David Edwards was elected unanimously as Secretary.
  3. Malcolm Beauchamp was elected unanimously as Treasurer/Committee Member. Mark will assist Malcolm in the role as Treasurer for the coming year, as he has been performing the role for the extant Bristol Group to date.

Agenda Items 4 - 10

  1. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that there would be no formal group meetings for the months of July and August, being the peak holiday season, but this would not preclude organised trips or visits to places of interest during the Summer. This arrangement would be reviewed at the next AGM.
  2. Not experiencing problems with the meeting time and place, it was agreed to continue with meetings once a month on the first Monday at 7.30pm at the EMI Sports and Social Club, except for July and August, as agreed in Item 4 above. This arrangement would be reviewed at the next AGM.
  3. Since a voluntary collection at the end of each meeting seems to be working well, it was agreed that a formal collection of £2 per head be made at each meeting to cover the cost of hiring the meeting room, instead of an annual subscription. This arrangement would be reviewed at the next AGM.
  4. The draft Structure and Organisation of Support Groups V2.1 was circulated to the meeting attendees and there were no comments/issues arising, so this was accepted as the Group’s draft constitution for the time being (subsequent drafts being reviewed as and when necessary).
  5. The topics and scope for talks etc for the coming year was discussed. Various people had ideas for possible speakers and talk topics. The interchange of talks between our group and other societies/clubs was one idea that was well supported.
  6. Suggestions were reviewed on how the support group could best support the Trust. It was recognised that the current primary requirement was to raise funds and to this end to encourage new members and to have theme days at local events.

The Group has already agreed to run the L&B stand at the next RailWells event.

The Secretary would arrange some posters to be displayed at local libraries regarding the group meetings. Other L&B posters would be produced for display at themed days at 16mm Garden Railway Groups.

Possible group transport to the Spring Gala could be organised, also a potential working group to the railway during the Spring/Summer. It was thought the latter would be more applicable for the (fledgling) group rather than to undertake rebuilding Van 4 or the Chelfham signal cabin. This could be reviewed should suitable accommodation and volunteer labour become available.

  1. AOB:

The invitation to subscribe to the Rowley Moor timeshare was briefly mentioned (the acting secretary had circulated details the previous week).

Mark Bladwell circulated Accounts for the Bristol Area Support Group for the years 2011, 2012 and provisionally 2013. He briefly explained those for 2013 which may not be quite up-to-date. He suggested that the AGM for 2015 be delayed until February to allow completed accounts to be published on time. Mark will circulate up-to-date accounts for 2013 once total income and expenditure is finalised.

Next meeting details:

Monday 3rd Feb. at the EMI Sports and Social Club Priory Road Wells at 7.30pm, David Edwards will give a talk on Garden (Model) Railways and show examples of his L&B 16mm locos and rolling stock. All Welcome.

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