Unlike many preserved heritage railways dating from the 1950s and ’60s, the L&BR was completely dismantled in 1936, its unique locos and carriages cut up for scrap and the trackbed sold off piecemeal to over a hundred different landowners.

By 1938 all that remained were the abandoned trackbed, earthworks and bridges.

This enchanting and much-loved railway was enjoyed by past generations and we can be sure that future generations will enjoy it too. North Devon sorely needs the economic boost that will come with its revival.

When you have decided to make a donation, please add for what reserved fund you wish to support directly after your surname. Currently, these are ‘All Aboard (AA)’, ‘Heritage Coaches (HC)’,’General Manager’s Fund’ (GM) and ‘Trackbed’(TB).

In the event that the trustees decide to withdraw a reserved fund, an announcement will be issued and you will have the right for your donation to be returned or, preferably, for it to be transferred to General Funds.

Please email the treasurer if you have any questions ([email protected])

We are the only steam railway in mainland UK where on every journey, passengers travel in unique Victorian railway carriages which were built specifically for this railway and cannot be seen anywhere other than here in North Devon.

All donations are to the Registered Charity - the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust.

If you experience any difficulties at all please email [email protected]

Thank you for your support of our railway!

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