The Trust has a Carbon Emissions Plan with the ambitious target of making the operational railway carbon neutral in line with local and national policy. Annual records are kept of fuel used by the railway.  This enables the total of carbon emitted to be calculated for comparison against the plan.

Our main source of carbon emissions from the operation of the railway is from coal burnt in the locomotives to produce steam. Steam coal is no longer available in the UK and trials have already taken place using alternative manufactured products. These trials will continue as commercial suppliers work with the Heritage Railway Association to develop these new fuels and quantify their characteristics.  Records are also kept for petrol and diesel consumed.

All electricity used at the railway is purchased from sustainable sources and there is a solar array on the roof of the engine shed which helps offset some cost.

Besides targeting carbon neutrality, the railway seeks to actively enhance the environment. This includes restoring paths and enhancing habitats in our woodlands at Woody Bay and Chelfham, in addition to improving the land management of the whole site, including line side pasture and hedgerows, to improve biodiversity and habitats.


Though the principal aim of the L & B Trust is to restore and preserve our iconic railway, nevertheless we recognise that environment and conservation issues are part of our wider responsibility within our operations. This factor is also amongst major issues that are looked at by potential funders when assessing our eligibility for grants so we are aiding the expansion of the railway by acting positively in this aspect of our policies and actions.

All news on the issue of environment and conservation will appear in this section of the website. 

Carbon Emission Report for 2023 running season

The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Carbon Emissions Plan, prepared by Arup on behalf of the L&BR Trust demonstrates how the operational railway can become carbon neutral. (Ref: Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Carbon Emission Plan by ARUP dated 28th July 2022)

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Adore this place

I absolutely fall in love with this place every time we go.

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Date of experience - October 2022

Steam train experience

The station was like going back in time very quaint and idyllic.

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Date of experience - September 2022

Step back in time

Woody Bay Station is in pristine condition & takes you straight back in time.

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Date of experience - September 2022