The five box vans currently at Woody Bay (Spring 2009) are all ex-MoD (No's 63-65 ex Trecwn) 2'6" gauge and have been regauged for use on the L&BR's works trains and for mobile storage. In their former role the vans were used at MoD munitions depots to move various bombs and missiles between the storage bunkers and servicing yard. Most of the vans also had a unique sliding roof to enable top loading of upright standing bombs.

Van 61 arrived at Woody Bay in early 2002. First being stored in the car park before being moved across and onto the the newly laid track during the summer 2002. In 2003-4 the van received a complete overhaul, floor and roof repairs, and a full repaint. Currently No. 61 is used to store permanent way tools and equipment.

Van 62 also arrived in 2002 and more recently - after a repaint and some bodywork repairs - was fitted out to become the S&T department tool van.

The L&B purchased 3 more vans from MoD Trecwn in 2004 which were eventually regauged on site in the loading dock.

Van 63 was originally in a yellow livery. Some restoration work was carried out in 2006 which included a repaint into SR Brown livery. The van was then used for railway equipment storage before being scrapped in August 2012.

Van 64 received extensive bodywork repairs in 2005-6, the removal and sealing flush of the sliding roof, and a repaint into SR Brown livery. Inside the van has been fitted out for permanent way tool storage.

Van 65 needed major bodywork repairs which were carried out in the shed in 2006. Painted in the Grey-black livery, this van is currently used for storage.