Purchased second hand from the Bala Lake Railway in 2002 Bala Lake Railway. these two wagons had previously been used to carry munitions at the large RAF depot at Fauld, Staffordshire. These have proved very useful from the first demonstration freight trains in 2003 to transporting sleepers for tracklaying, spoil, coal, ballast and aggregate storage and even turnout rail and buffer stop movement over the years. Primarily used to transport steam coal from the car park to the coaling stage outside of the shed, this task is now delegated to "28320". These vehicles are currently used for storage.

Bogie Open wagon Nos. 53 & 54 (with coal).

Bogie Flat "SR28321" carrying body panels for Hunslet D6652, Spring 2012.

Bogie Flat "SR28322" in service at the Woody Bay coaling stage.

Ex-Dean Hill DH582 bogie flat (regauged from 2'6") was rebuilt at Woody Bay by 'The Wednesday Work Party'. This wagon has had plank sides fabricated in the style of original bogie goods wagon (L&BR No. 12, SR No.28301). Painted in SR brown livery and numbered No. 28320, the wagon is now used to store and transport steam coal.