The World's only new-build American steam loco is now at Woody Bay!

LYN at Woody Bay September 2017. The new LYN arrived at Woody Bay in September 2017. Running-in trials showed that the ex MOD 1 in 5 turnouts at Killington Lane could not accommodate the loco safely. New turnouts were installed and LYN can be seen in operation on selected days. (Photo- D.Hallett)

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At its opening in May 1898, the legendary narrow-gauge Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in North Devon was equipped with three Manning Wardle 2-6-2 tank engines. Two months later they were joined by a Baldwin 2-4-2. The Baldwin was named 'LYN' but commonly referred to by the staff as 'The Yankee'.

LYN was built to a unique design, ordered and delivered in a very short time by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, USA. When the Southern Railway took over the line in 1923, they added a letter E (For Eastleigh works - the Southern shed Pilton was seconded to) as well as the number 762.

Despite a few teething problems, LYN was a popular and distinctive engine that was also the most powerful on the line - on occasion pulling five-coach trains, one more than normally allowed.


Closure of the line came in September in 1935, and after the November auction - when LYN was sold for £50 - the loco was quickly reduced to a pile of scrap with only the nameplates, head-lamp and gauge glass surviving.

The 762 Club (link is external)- a registered charity - was set up to construct, own and maintain a new LYN for operation on the new Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. The loco is not a replica, but a new-build and is the most advanced steam engine to-date built in the UK and has a gas producer combustion system.

LYN in bits - Pilton Shed 1935 (LT Catchpole)

New Lyn Specifications

Wheel arrangement: 2-4-2T
Gauge: 1ft 11½
Length: 23ft 9in (over buffer beams)
Width: 6ft 8in
Height: 8ft 11in
Weight: 21.1 tons tare, 25.7 tons gross
Coal capacity: 12.5 cwt
Water capacity: 660 gal
Boiler pressure: 250 Ib/sq. in
Combustion system: Gas producer combustion system with exhaust steam admission into primary air stream below the grate
Grate area: 8.1 sq.ft
Heating surfaces - Firebox: 46.9 sq. ft
Tubes: 276.3 sq. ft
Superheater:  73.3 sq. ft
Cylinders: 2 x (8.66in bore x 16in stroke) with inside admission long-travel piston valves
Exhaust system: Four-nozzle Lempor system plus Kordina
Driving wheel diameter: 2ft 9in with Porta high-adhesion wheel profile
Leading wheel diameter: 1 ft 10in
Trailing wheel diameter: 1 ft 10in
Rigid wheelbase: 5ft
Total wheelbase: 18ft 3in
Tractive effort: 7456 lbs (85% wp.)
HP:  319
KW: 238
Bearings: Roller bearings fitted to all axleboxes and motion, including valve gear.
Build date: 2017
Builder: Alan Keef Ltd, Ross-on-Wye
Works No.: 92