Chelfham Report Spring/Summer 2023

Published: 1st July, 2023

We had a very successful AGM weekend with generous visitors including many Trust and EA members. The trackbed walks proved extremely popular as the party were now able to walk almost to Chumhill....over a mile north of Chelfham! On their return everyone enjoyed the catering on offer and the sales shop did well with several new, secondhand, models, and jigsaws sold. These and all donated funds raised are able to be used to further the restoration projects.

Track bed clearance near Goodleigh road bridge

Last winter/early spring much tree and scrub clearance took place on the trackbed over the viaduct on the section up to Goodleigh Road Bridge. Access to this trackbed.... with special agreement courtesy of National across the viaduct  BUT only for working Volunteers. We have also been able to adjust the new gate and construct a ramp at the southern end of the viaduct to allow wheeled access onto the slightly lower trackbed here.  The trackbed now is relatively clear and our occasional use of the resident Chelfham dumper truck is used to bring the piles of logs back.

Chelfham Station

Volunteers continue to keep the station area tidy and colourful with a variety of plants and flowers visible on planters along the platform.

Chelfham up platform

The shipping container was finally emptied and removed off site in April. This left just the workshed on the up platform to go next. In order to do this relocation, work has focused on clearing the newly purchased land below the siding and hedge ready to support this shed. Some hand levelling of spoil and surplus rubble is starting to help in this area.