L&BRT Winter Prize Draw 2023

Published: 30th March, 2024

The Winter Prize Draw has been another success. The tickets were drawn and the winners all contacted. The prize winners are as follows:-


First -  Cliff Maddock


Second -  Paul Gander


Third -  Mark Yonge


Fourth – 1 – S Fletcher

               2 – Pete Chandler

               3 – Michael Grace

               4 – K Towner


The gross income from the Draw including Gift Aid is just under £ 16,000. The cost of printing & postage and prizes still leaves a really useful sum. Thank you all who took part.


You may like to know that every stamp on the envelopes has been saved and used in support of the RNIB. Many were most unusual and part of past special editions, some we certainly had never seen before. This may be the last time such a variety will arrive as the Post Office has now turned to issuing stamps with bar codes and earlier non-coded stamps will not be accepted. What a pity!


Congratulations to the winners and better luck next time for everyone else!


Peter & Brenda Miles