“Meet The Victorians” Weekend At Woody Bay Station 9Th & 10Th July

Published: 25th June, 2022

Free admission to the event, Standard Train Fares & times apply on each day.

Children 14 and under travel free of charge all weekend!

The Victorian era saw Britain at the peak of its power and influence at the head of an Empire on which the sun never set. The era saw technological advances that led to the industrial revolution and the birth of railways. The development of photography changed the way in which people viewed their world for ever…

‘Meet the Victorians’ offers an opportunity to come face to face with the characters of this iconic era – from Queen Victoria herself to the soldiers who guarded the country and the ordinary people who lived here.

‘The mid-Victorian Militia’ will have a camp allowing visitors to take the train from Woody Bay and visit their encampment immersing themselves in the uniforms and weapons of the period.

Queen Victoria will be present both days to give her approval and other ‘Victorians’ will be on the station at Woody Bay and on the trains.

There will be an exhibition of Victorian Photography and culture provided by the Living History Mobile Museum which will show how photography changed people’s perception on the world with many rare photos on display. Visitors will also be able to see how science developed under the Victorians and find out about the tragedy of the SS Rothesay Castle.