Carbon Emission Report for 2022 running season

Published: 14th February, 2023

The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Carbon Emissions Plan, prepared by Arup on behalf of the L&BR Trust demonstrates how the operational railway can become carbon neutral. (Ref: Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Carbon Emission Plan by ARUP dated 28th July 2022)

The baseline year for carbon assessment was taken to be 2019, the last “normal” operational year before Covid 19 restrictions affected operation of the railway.


Carbon Emissions

The plan identifies and quantifies sources of CO2 production from use of petrol, diesel, and coal in the operation of the railway.

A plan to reduce the carbon footprint is proposed through implementation of several initiatives providing a route to Carbon neutrality by 2030.

Each year the quantity of fuels used will be measured and recorded to monitor progress against the planned targets.

The 2019 baseline CO2e emissions for operating the railway between Woody Bay and Killington Lane is 154Tonnes/year.

The predicted target CO2e emissions for 2022 is 114 Tonnes and the actual monitored CO2e emissions recorded for 2022 is 101 Tonnes. This represents a 34% reduction in CO2e production from the baseline level and most encouragingly total 2022 emissions are 11% below the plan target level.