A Signal Box for Blackmoor

Published: 10th November, 2023

The signal box that stood at Barnstaple Town station for the life of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway has been acquired by the L&BRT. Since closure and lifting of the L&B this has been in private hands. The owner wanted it returned to use and that is what is now going to happen.

Barnstaple Town Signal Box 2023

A Signal Box for Blackmoor

The box has been dismantled and is being relocated to Blackmoor. For now it will be displayed near the water tower, restored and fitted out with signalling equipment. When the trackbed is readied for the extension to Whistlandpound the box will be placed in the required location and returned to use.

The cladding needs some replacement and the sliding windows are in part missing but the structure is sound and in remarkably good condition for an item that has been standing outside for 126 years.

A remarkable survivor and we are very fortunate to have been allowed to bring it back to life.